New Company: Gloucester Refuse


      B & S Refuse is Under New Ownership. Our new company name is Gloucester Refuse, LLC.
      To pay your bill, please visit the following link or visit our new homepage at Thank you!

      Dear valued customer,

      We are excited to inform you that our firm, Gloucester Refuse, LLC, located at 2961 George Washington Memorial HWY, Hayes, VA 23072, has recently acquired B & S Refuse, Inc.  We intend to notify you, through this letter, that there will be some changes in the management and policies of the service, but we are confident that these changes will be good for us to continue to provide uncompromised services. We make certain that we are going to sustain the reputation and standing that B & S Refuse, Inc has managed to build for over 38 years.  You have always been a valued client and have trusted B & S Refuse, Inc from the very beginning and in all the odds, for which the owners are very thankful to you. We want to thank the previous owners, James and Gerlinde Stevens, for their time and effort in running the business. We also assure you that Gloucester Refuse, LLC will continue providing the same great service to each valued customer that you have come to expect.  We pride ourselves on providing quality services at an affordable price. We will put our customers first by offering great customer support and assisting you whenever you face issues.

      Gloucester Refuse, LLC will implement innovative solutions by integrating new technology into our platforms. We hope that our company will streamline our communication with our customers with the intention of providing a shorter resolution time in addressing your concerns and needs. Our commitment to our customers is affirmed in our company’s Mission and Core Values. These statements of purpose define us, and they will shape the growth of every Gloucester Refuse, LLC employee.

      On behalf of the new management team, we would like to thank you for your continued support and patience!

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